Learn Spanish and Golf

This package includes an hour with one of the golf pros and an hour of spanish lesson.

1hr + 1hr


We have partnered up with Villa Padierna to provide golf classes with US Open and PGA pros and qualified spanish teachers.


Start Dates Every Monday
Lesson Duration 1hr*
No. of lessons offered by Villa Padierna per week 10 per week
Levels From beginner to advance

*Additional charges may apply if it is more than 1 hour.

Spanish Class

Our teachers are all extremely prepared, native instructors who frequently participate in didactic courses and ELE conferences given by the Cervantes Institute and other institutions. The vast majority of our teachers are also DELE Certified Examiners.

We only work with accredited language schools and tutors, which are accepted by one of the following institutions


AEEA (Andalusian Association of Spanish Language Schools)

FEDELE (Spanish Federation of Associations of Schools of Spanish as a Foreign Language)

ELITE (European Federation of National Associations of Native Language Instruction)