Learn Photoshop CC

This package includes:

Latest Photoshop CC Software*

Photoshop Guide Manual

*1 year subscription with Photoshop CC (FotografĂ­a)

You will learn ...

Getting started with Photoshop
  - Getting to know Photoshop CC's user interface
  - Customising your workspace

Selection Tool and Layers
- Learn all the different types of selection tools
- Learn how to use different layers to manipulate images

Transformation and Distortion
- From basic Free Transform through to Image and Puppet Warp, there are innumerable ways to twist, skew, rotate and tweak your images

Hiding and Showing
- Learn how to blend two layers together
- Learn how to get rid of blemishes in photo to get the perfect portrait photos

Lesson Plan

Start Dates Check Availability
Lesson Duration 3hr*
Lesson 1 Setting up Photoshop and learn selection tool
Lesson 2 Continue with selection too practice and
learn transformation and distortion.
Lesson 3 Learn hiding and blending.

*Additional charges may apply if it is more than 3 hours.