France Summer Camp

Paris (Day 1 - 4)

Loire Valley (Day 5 - 6)

Bordeaux (Day 6)

Arcachon (Day 7 - 8)

Biarritz (Day 8 - 10)

Carcasson (Day 10 - 12)

Province (Day 12 - 14)

Students from the age of 16-20 years old

Start: June, weekly till end of august
*Starting date is tentative. Send us a message or chat with us to let us know more about your preferred start date.

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Join our summer camp and we assure we link you up with the best teachers and provide for you an interesting line up of activities and of course, great mouth-watering food!

In order to ensure the best learning environment for our students, lessons will be conducted in hotels with breathtaking scenery. Activites will also be arranged with only the best vendors in France.

We understand the importance of parents spending quality time with their children especially during summer holiday. Hence, we welcome all parents to join us in this camp as well! We have an itinerary just for you as we believe that this educational trip cannot be better than seeing a family together and promoting family bonding as well!


Spanish, Chinese or English lessons
Lesson duration 45 minutes
One language up to 15 per week
Two Languages up to 15 per week
Three Languages 5 + 5 + 5 per week

There will be a maximum of 8 students in each class and classes are organised according to the standards of students.

Lesson duration 1 hour
GCSE /'A' levels / IB
Math up to 15* per week
Science(Chemistry, Biology & Physics) up to 15* per week
Business up to 15* per week
ICT up to 15* per week
Humanities up to 15* per week

*The number of lessons are tentative as we understand that different students do different subjects in school and there are some who might want to focus on certain subjects. Hence, before the start of the summer camp, we will customise the best schedule for the students.

It is also possible to arrange for a one-to-one class with the teachers depending on their schedule. Additional charges may apply

Culture Classes

Particularly, we will emphasize on Chinese culture. Parents are welcome to join.

We will have programs* such as:



Business Culture

Conversational Chinese**

Tradition Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Chinese Cooking Class

*We can add on more programs upon request.

**For students and parents who did not take up the Chinese language course.



We offer a series of exciting sports activities for both students and parents.


Surfing - Learn how to surf in one of the best beaches in Biarritz.


Canoe / Kayak - Learn how to canoe / kayak down the famous Anude river.


We offer a series of fun activities that both student and parent can enjoy.


Food Tour - Discover Paris's best artisan stores, markets and foodie hotspot from a local guide.

Art Workshop - Learn how to make quick sketches of Paris.

Loire Valley

Visit 4 Loire Valley Chateaux - Enjoy the famous French Art de Vivre with the visit of 4 great castles in a day. The majestic Château de Villandry, the famous Château du Clos Lucé and the wonderful Château de Chenonceau - 3 must-see in the Loire Valley and a family-owned castle.


Food / Sight-seeing Tours - Walk through the town of Biarritz and enjoy Basque food specialities with our guided tour. Also, a historical walking tour of Biarritz could be arranged as well.

Cooking class in Biarritz - Enjoy hands on cooking experience and quality bonding time with your children.


Guided tour of Carcasson - Enjoy a guided tour of Carcasson.


Hot Air Balloon Ride - Catch the sunrise on a hot air balloon cruising over the countryside of Province.


Stay in 5/4 Hotels

In order to ensure that our students have the most comfortable accomodation, rest assured that we will only choose the best in the region. We also guarantee amazing views along with conducive environments and facilities to conduct lessons.

For Parents

Customised Itinerary

As your children take part in the various activities and lessons, parents are also welcome to participate in the range of relaxing leisure activities that we have got to offer.


Sight-Seeing / Shopping - We can take you to the most popular tourist and shopping spots in Paris.

Loire Valley

Wine Tasting - Visit one of the large winery in Loire and taste one of the finest wine.


Pyla Dune and Oyster Tasting - Travel to the Bay of Arcachon, known for its oysters and home to Europe's largest sand dune.

San Sebastián

Half-Day Tour to San Sebastián - Discover the Spanish Basque Country on this tour from Biarritz to San Sebastián.


Cave Visiting - Visit some of the most beautiful caves with underground lakes, writings on walls and stalactites and stalagmites formation.


French Riviera Sightseeing Cruise - Enjoy the scenary of Mediterranean coast and explore the coastal waters of the Baie des Anges and the Rade de Villefranche-sur-Mer.

General Information

Dates & Prices

Arrival on Sunday - Departure on Saturday

Prices inclusive of
Accomodation, activities, excursions, food, tuition and course material fee, transport and 24-hour supervision.

One-to-one session
There will be additional fee for one-to-one session and fees will depend on the experience and qualification of the teacher.

Grand Total: 3900

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