Germany & Austria Summer Camp





*Additional cost may apply.

Students from the age of 16-20 years old

Start: June, weekly till end of august
*Starting date is tentative. Send us a message or chat with us to let us know more about your preferred start date.

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Join our summer camp and we assure we link you up with the best teachers and provide for you an interesting line up of activities and of course, great mouth-watering food!

In order to ensure the best learning environment for our students, lessons will be conducted in hotels with breathtaking scenery. Activites will also be arranged with only the best vendors in Germany and Austria.

We understand the importance of parents spending quality time with their children especially during summer holiday. Hence, we welcome all parents to join us in this camp as well! We have an itinerary just for you as we believe that this educational trip cannot be better than seeing a family together and promoting family bonding as well!


Spanish, Chinese or English lessons
Lesson duration 45 minutes
One language up to 15 per week
Two Languages up to 15 per week
Three Languages 5 + 5 + 5 per week

There will be a maximum of 8 students in each class and classes are organised according to the standards of students.

Lesson duration 1 hour
GCSE /'A' levels / IB
Math up to 15* per week
Science(Chemistry, Biology & Physics) up to 15* per week
Business up to 15* per week
ICT up to 15* per week
Humanities up to 15* per week

*The number of lessons are tentative as we understand that different students do different subjects in school and there are some who might want to focus on certain subjects. Hence, before the start of the summer camp, we will customise the best schedule for the students.

It is also possible to arrange for a one-to-one class with the teachers depending on their schedule. Additional charges may apply

Culture Classes

Particularly, we will emphasize on Chinese culture. Parents are welcome to join.

We will have programs* such as:



Business Culture

Conversational Chinese**

Tradition Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Chinese Cooking Class

*We can add on more programs upon request.

**For students and parents who did not take up the Chinese language course.



We offer a series of sports activities for both students and parents.


Cycling and Mountain Biking - There are so many biking trails in Bavaria and Austria. Whether is it forest tracks, mountain routes or round the lakes, we have got everything covered.

Hiking - Whether is it across mountains or into the forest, we provide a great deal of guided walking trails for you to enjoy the best scenary in Bavaria and Austria.


Inline Skating - Whether is it inline figure skating, inline downhill or inline alpine, we can provide inline skating classes in Tyrol.

Canyoning, Rafting & Canoe - In Tyrol there are a vast number of rivers and currents which means that it is most suitable for people who like water sports. If you are not yet an expert in wild water, you can try these sports in calm water with professional guides.

Windsurf & Kitesurf - Surf in the most beautiful lakes in Tyrol with a full view of the Austrian Alps.

Rope Course / Rock Clmbing


We offer a series of fun activities that both student and parent can enjoy.

Germany - Bavaria

Adventure Park - We also offer trips to adventure parks such as Kletterwald that has 13 obstacle courses build around a historic 100-year old forest. These obstacle courses sure guarantee plenty of fun and adventure as you navigate your way around the various obstacles with your teammates!

Water Park

Experience Bavarian customs and traditions - Watch and learn Schuhplatter which is a tradition folk dance that is popular in the Alpine regions of Bavaria and Tyrol. Dress up in folklore costumes and attend traditional Bavarian festivals. Also, learn how to yodel from an Alpine yodeling expert.

Explore Bavarian and Austrian tradition handicrafts - We can organise trips to glass factories, workshop for wood carving and see how cow bells are made.

Visit monasteries and castles - We can arrange trips to various monasteries and castles in the Bavarian countryside including the most famous Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria. Also, Linderhof Palace which is built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria. It has been further expanded to become one of the most beautiful palace gardens in Bavaria.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Linderhof Palace

Herrenchiemsee - Imagine a castle that is located on the largest island in the biggest lake of Bavaria. Herrenchiemsee, the castle built by Bavarian King Ludwig II as a tribute to Versailles. The castle can be easily reached from Prien and Gstadt by ferry.


Austria - Tyrol

Summer Sledge Tracks - Visit one of the most popular outdoor recreation sites in Austria. Speed down the long green valleys which are surrounded by the breathtaking and gorgeous mountain scenery of Austria.


Stay in 5/4 Hotels

In order to ensure that our students have the most comfortable accomodation, rest assured that we will only choose the best in the region. We also guarantee amazing views along with conducive environments and facilities to conduct lessons.

For Parents

Customised Itinerary

As your children take part in the various activities and lessons, parents are also welcome to participate in the range of relaxing leisure activities that we have got to offer.

Thermal Bath / Spa - Sit back and relax in the thermal bath and enjoy a massage. From outdoor swimming pools with panoramic view of the alps to indoor thermal bath , we will be able to arrange only the best for your relaxation.

Markets, fairs and shopping - We can offer such trips to cities such as Munich, Tyrol and Salzburg where they have amazing markets and fairs for you to do some shopping. On top of that we can bring you to the best shopping outlets in these cities where you will get the best deals.


Food Tours

General Information

Dates & Prices

Arrival on Sunday - Departure on Saturday

Included in the price
Accomodation, activities, excursions, food, tuition and course material fee, transport and 24-hour supervision.

One-to-one session
There will be additional fee for one-to-one session and fees will depend on the experience and qualification of the teacher.

Grand Total: 3900

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