Singapore & Thailand

GCSE / A/S and A2-Level students from the age of 14-18years old
Start: November - December - January*

*Starting date is tentative. Send us a message or chat with us to let us know more about your preferred start date.

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Join our winter camp and we assure we link you up with the best teachers and provide for you an interesting line up of activities and of course, great mouth-watering food!

In order to ensure the best learning environment for our students, lessons will be conducted in hotels with breathtaking scenery. Activites will also be arranged with only the best vendors in Singapore.

We understand the importance of parents spending quality time with their children especially during the winter break. Hence, we welcome all parents to join us! We have an itinerary just for you as we believe that this educational trip cannot be better than seeing a family together and promoting family bonding as well!


Language lessons
Lesson duration 45 minutes
One language up to 15 per week
Two Languages up to 15 per week
Three Languages 5 + 5 + 5 per week

There will be a maximum of 8 students in each class and classes are organised according to the standards of students.

Lesson duration 1 hour
GCSE /'A' levels / IB
Math up to 15* per week
Science(Chemistry, Biology & Physics) up to 15* per week
Business up to 15* per week
ICT up to 15* per week
Humanities up to 15* per week

*The number of lessons are tentative as we understand that different students do different subjects in school and there are some who might want to focus on certain subjects. Hence, before the start of the summer camp, we will customise the best schedule for the students.

It is also possible to arrange for a one-to-one class with the teachers depending on their schedule. Additional charges may apply

Culture Classes

Particularly, we will emphasize on Chinese culture. Parents are welcome to join.

We will have programs* such as:



Business Culture

Conversational Chinese**

Tradition Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Chinese Cooking Class

*We can add on more programs upon request.

**For students and parents who did not take up the Chinese language course.



We offer a series of exciting sports activities for both students and parents.



Cable Ski - Cable skiing is a safer alternative compared to wakeboarding as participants are not towed by a boat. However, it still offers the speed and unique sensation of skiing through water.

Sailing - Waters around Pattaya are perfect for sailing as they never get particularly rough. It is perfect for everyone to participate


Dragon Boat - Dragon boating is a great team sport where you will learn how to paddle in sync with your team mates.

Rock Climbing - Experience indoor climbing under the safe guidance of qualified instructors who will provide basic climbing techniques.

Flowboarding - Experience the thrill of riding on waves as fast as 32km/hr on a body board that will stay on the waves all day at Sentosa Wavehouse.

Archery - Start your archery journey here where you can learn the how to shoot at different angles and distance to hit targets and participate in team challenges.

Bubble Bump - Imagine yourself in a fully inflated bubble suit while playing soccer. It will be funnier when you watch other people bumping into each other and bouncing around. There are also countless of ways where you and the team can play with Bubble suits which includes Bubble Bump Human Bowling Ball, Bubble Bump Invasion and Bubble Bump hoops.


We offer a series of fun activities that both student and parent can enjoy.



Zip-line Adventure - This adventure course will take you through the rainforest swinging from tree to tree.

Waterparks - We will definitely visit one of the best waterparks for a perfect day out for the whole family.

Go Karting - Go go-karting with a wide variety of karts, safety gear and a professional course.


Little ZOO Cafe - A petting zoo with exotic creature such as foxes, meerkats and raccoons in a cafe. Rest assure that all these animals are safe and irresistibly adorable.

Talad Rod Fai (Vintage Night Market) - Bnagkok may have many night markets but this is one that is unmissable. Talad Rod Fai also know as Train Market is the ultimate shopping destination with plenty of vintage set-ups.

Chocolate Ville - This is a quaint village that separates itself from the bustling city. It has many European style influences such as windmills and pavilions which is very interesting for people who like to see Thailand's rendition of Europe.


Saber Tag - One of the most popular team-based gaming concept in Singapore where it incorporates combat sabers and proprietary electronic scoring vest technology. Players will engage in a variety of exciting game mission against the team.

Universal Studio Singapore - The trip will never be complete without a visit to the famous Universal Studio which has the world tallest dueling coasters.

Trampoline Park - Bounce from one trampoline to another and learn to do some parkour stunts. There are plenty of features in the trampoline park such as the foam pits and dodgeball where you can engage in games with other people.

Poolball - This is a game that is a follows the rule of pool table but uses soccer balls instead. You will get to kick the soccer balls into pockets on a giant sized pool table that is 7m long without a cue stick.

Prawning / Lobster - Catch big head prawns and freshwater lobster from large ponds. Then, cook your own catch on the BBQ grillers provided. Seafood can never be this fresh.

Xcape Games - Imagine yourself as the main character in one of those escape computer games. In Xcape game, you will put your intelligence and team work skill to the test. There will be a good mix of physical and mental challenges that you have to oversome to escape from the room with your team mate. The concept allows for participant to feel like they are characters in video games or movies such as Kungfu Panda and Annabelle and actually physically act out the story.

Haw Par Villa - Visit the theme park that is famous for its depiction of Chinese folklore and legends such as Journey to the West and Madame White Snake. You will enjoy a guided tour that takes you on a trail of the world's only eclectic Chinese mythological park. Due to some graphic nature of the exhibits, visitor discretion is advised.


Stay in 5/4 Hotels

In order to ensure that our students have the most comfortable accomodation, rest assured that we will only choose the best in the region. We also guarantee amazing views along with conducive environments and facilities to conduct lessons.

For Parents

Customised Itinerary

As your children take part in the various activities and lessons, parents are also welcome to participate in the range of relaxing leisure activities that we have got to offer.

Shopping - Experience the ultimate shopping experience in Asia's most famous shopping street - Orchard Road.

Experience the Singapore Nightlife - When it comes to nightlife, nothing beats Singapore that has a buzzing network of rooftop bars and entertainment such as live music bands and stand-up comedy shows.

Marina Bay Sand Casino - This $5.5 billion project is one of the most extravagant casino in Asia with almost 500 gaming tables, 1600 slot machine and more than 30 private gaming rooms. This place is jaw-dropping ostentatious as it has the world's largest chandelier which contain more than 130,000 Swarovski crystal.

Fish Spa Relaxation - Enjoy this unique experience of fishes nibbling away dead skin. This is a form of natural exfoliation of dead skin cells, lightening surface scars and easing of minor eczema. You will also experience a tingling sensation as this helps to improve your blood circulation.

Private Yacht Charters - Cruise on the beautiful yacht and enjoy the beautiful sea view. You will be on one of the most luxurious yacht and heading to regional islands. Meanwhile, fishing, kayaking, bbq and on-board entertainment can be provided as well. This will truly be an unforgettable luxury yachting experience.

General Information

Dates & Prices

Arrival on Sunday - Departure on Saturday

Prices inclusive of
accomodation, activities, excursions, food, tuition and course material fee, transport and 24-hour supervision.

One-to-one session
There will be additional fee for one-to-one session and fees will depend on the experience and qualification of the teacher.

Grand Total: 3500

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